LexisNexis Risk Solutions UK

Adapt to the shifting risks of sanctions and AML compliance

Sanction lists, politically exposed persons and money laundering are headline grabbing news in this day and age. Mitigate your exposure to the pervasive risks involved in today’s business and ensure your AML check procedures meet the highest standards of compliance.


Helping you to tackle fraud at every turn

Prevention is the safest way to protect your business from identity crime. Your defence is to ensure you know exactly who it is you’re dealing with – to know your customer.


Enter every business relationship with a clearer view of risk

Drive more confident decisions with proven analytical technology and unparalleled data assets to increase understanding of your client, and the potential risks.


Accelerate customer acquisition with instant and unobtrusive identity verification

Protect yourself and your business with convenient, cost-effective and business friendly solutions to securely identify prospects, customers and clients.


Accelerate intelligence gathering to preserve customer communication

Integrating a wealth of consumer data with user-friendly search tools and intuitive functionality allows a full profile of an individual to be created, improving research and tracing aptitude.


Secure the integrity of your data to improve consumer interaction and loyalty

An integral procedure within any organisation that holds consumer data, data cleansing allows you to maintain the highest level of data management, ensuring your data is current, correct and embraces key personal information.


Tracesmart® is now LexisNexis® Risk Solutions

Following the LexisNexis Risk Solutions UK Ltd acquisition of Tracesmart Ltd in March 2014, the company has now been integrated into the LexisNexis brand. The business continues to provide pioneering facilities to trace people, reunite you with your customers, perform data cleansing and mortality screening procedures, in addition, deliver critical and decisive processes for identity verification and customer due diligence.

Why choose us?

LexisNexis Risk Solutions is a global leader in providing essential information to help customers across industry and government predict, assess and manage risk. Together, our rich, proprietary resource of the most recent consumer data and cutting edge technology, will deliver even more powerful and exacting data solutions to our ever-growing and diverse markets.

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