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Age Verification

Ramp up online transactions and protect your brand with instant age verification

Preventing minors from purchasing age-restricted goods and services is a responsibility of all those trading online. Our powerful know your customer software makes online age verification effortless, improving your confidence in verifying the age of legitimate customers and rejecting underage prospective purchasers, while not hindering the purchasing process. Contact us today to find out more and book a demonstration.

  • Instant electronic age verification
  • Integrate directly with your website via API
  • Sell age restricted goods and services responsibly

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Protect your brand reputation

Online businesses cannot afford to make mistakes selling the wrong products to underage customers. Calling upon an extensive wealth of consumer data, including one of the largest dates of birth files in the UK, our identity verification solutions can assist you to:

  • Avoid selling to minors – identify underage individuals allowing you to stop unlawful transactions.
  • Facilitate legitimate sales – pass those that meet the age criteria quickly and easily

Our powerful age verification software can be accessed via the web for manual checks, or integrated with your transactional systems via API.


When surveyed, 81%* of ecommerce professionals said that protecting their brand reputation was a priority when strengthening their age verification processes for online sales.

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* Source: LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Use age verification software on the following age restricted goods and services









Prescription Medicine

Underage online: the issues surrounding age-restricted goods

Establishing the concerns and future plans of ecommerce professionals as they ramp up online sales

Underage online: the issues surrounding age-restricted goods whitepaper

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Our software calls upon multiple credit bureaus to add greater depth and extended coverage to your identity checks.
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Age verification needs to efficiently align with your workflow. We provide self-key, batch and API services that integrate seamlessly with your systems.
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Our ISO27001 and DataSeal certifications validate our commitment to the highest standards of data management.

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