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Data Cleansing Metaphor: A rock climber preparing his safety equipment - Secure the quality and integrity of your data to improve consumer interaction and loyalty

Data Cleansing

Secure the integrity of your data to improve consumer interaction and loyalty

Customer contact details and other consumer data can decay at an alarming rate; sometimes failing to inform you, people move home, emigrate, change names, get married, become divorced and sadly die. If data is neglected, it could impact greatly on resource and costs, and could even have a detrimental effect on your business reputation and brand.

Your consumer data can also provide valuable insight into your customer base. A fundamental feature of data cleansing is to ensure the records you hold contain comprehensive information; data enrichment will further that process, adding value to your database.

Delivering industry beating results, LexisNexis® Risk Solutions suite of data cleansing solutions will cleanse and enhance your records to the highest standard, ensuring they are not only current and accurate, but optimised and segmented accordingly. This will allow you to maintain communication with your customers and clients and further satisfy your data protection obligations.

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Consumer data cleansing

Your consumer database is a key business asset; regular data cleansing will retain its value, protect your brand and ensure compliance.

  • Consumer database accuracy erodes at an alarming rate; cleansing prevents decay by identifying movers, removing duplicated records while enhancing personal details
  • Ensure your brand is protected by screening against opt-out registers such as the Mailing Preference Service and Telephone Preference Service
  • Data protection legislation requires that stored personal data must be “current and accurate”; the most effective method of adhering to the law is by data cleansing.

Data cleansing solutions

Regular data cleansing is highly recommended as personal circumstances continuously adjust; people move home, change their names and inevitably die – changes that will break down any database. Our data cleansing solutions incorporate mortality screening, data enrichment, gone away flagging and suppression – procedures that will counteract the decaying process. Our datasets are constantly updated ensuring your consumer records stay current and up-to-date. Our data cleansing yields only the highest results, we are so confident that our data cleansing solutions will enhance your consumer database, we offer a free no-obligation data audit – to claim yours contact us today.

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