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Data Enrichment Metaphor: A rock climber preparing his safety equipment - Secure the integrity of your data via a self-serve portal of data cleansing solutions

Data Enrichment

Secure the integrity of your data via a self-serve portal of data cleansing solutions

The more is known about your consumer or customer, the better you’ll empathise with them and therefore communicate with them. Whether you are attempting to trace people or conduct a highly targeted communications campaign, refined subject knowledge delivers improved productivity. With this reasoning in mind we perform data enrichment as part of our data cleansing process, enhancing the data to ensure you hold correct and up-to-date information.

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Data Appending

Your consumer data provides a valuable insight into your customer base. A fundamental feature of data cleansing is to ensure the data you hold is current and accurate; data enrichment will further that process, adding value to your database.

Our data enrichment process will:

  • Append key missing personal details such as forenames and date of birth, allowing you to optimise tracing activities
  • Append telephone numbers or XD flags where available
  • Profile consumer types utilising the Mosaic consumer segmentation file from Experian
  • Attach property description and value to the address for all residential properties sold after January 1999 in England & Wales

Data Enrichment Solutions

As personal circumstances continuously change, we recommend that data enrichment, as part of a thorough data cleansing exercise, be undertaken on a regular basis. This will enable you to be aware of any changes as and when they happen.

In the event that you only require a portion of the data enrichment process, such as for example, tele-appending, we will build a solution based upon your specific requirements.

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