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Birth Index

All births in England and Wales are registered with the General Register Office (GRO) and detailed in the Birth Index. Information held within the Birth Index is extremely useful for both tracing and identity verification applications.

Companies House

All limited companies in the UK, and overseas companies with a branch or place of business in the UK need to be registered with Companies House. Updated on a daily basis, we integrate this information into our tracing and identity verification solutions.

County Court Judgments

We provide direct access to County Court Judgments (CCJs) for England & Wales. Recorded on the Register of Judgments, CCJ records are invaluable for a variety of business processes.

Death Index

When a death occurs in England and Wales there is a legal requirement to register the circumstance with the General Register Office (GRO) within 5 days. Deaths are then entered on the Death Index, a UK directory of mortalities.


The disclosure of death registration information scheme allows the registrars general for England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to disclose Death Registration Information to assist in the prevention, detection, investigation or prosecution of offences.

Electoral Register

The Electoral Register is the definitive list of persons registered to vote in the UK. Compiled every year by local authority, since 2003 there have been two versions of the database, the full Electoral Roll and the edited Electoral Roll.

Email Match

Email Match is our continually expanding database of consented UK consumer e-mails, containing tens of millions of records. Collated from a variety of reliable data sources, the email addresses are provided with consent allowing you to pro-actively engage digitally with your consumers.


Utilised as part of a data cleansing process to highlight the records of individuals who have died within your database. Mortality screening is employed by businesses in their battle against fraud and as part of due diligence procedures.

Insolvency Data

Personal insolvencies, including bankruptcies and IVAs have risen dramatically over recent years. Performing a check to confirm whether a customer is subject to insolvency proceedings is essential for many companies and may often decide the outcome for a business transaction.

Land Registry

Details for any residential property sold in England & Wales is registered with HM Land Registry. The register and its information drives our Land Registry search and can prove invaluable when attempting to trace people.

Mailing Preference Service

MPS is a free to join register, funded by the direct mail industry and supported by the Royal Mail offering consumers the opportunity to have their names and home addresses suppressed from lists used for unsolicited direct mail.

Marriage Index

Every wedding that takes place in England and Wales is recorded in the Marriage Index, collated by the GRO. We can provide access to the index for all marriages registered between 1984-2005. Further GRO information includes the Birth Index and Death Index.


One of the UK’s leading mortality suppression files, Mortascreen is updated monthly with over 45,000 mortalities. Records are sourced from the Probate Registry, funeral directors and insurance companies in addition to third party data contributors.


The most concise consumer segmentation file in the UK, Mosaic from Experian, provides a rich insight into the country’s population. Mosaic classifies the UK’s residents into 141 person types, 67 lifestyle types and 15 lifestyle groups.

NCOA Suppress

The file contains 43 million records and receives an update of approximately 100,000 records a month. This data is derived from Royal Mail’s Redirection service and creates one of the most accurate suppression files in the UK.

NCOA Update

This file contains 23 million records extending back to 1995 and is refreshed monthly with around 100,000 records. The data is obtained from the Royal Mail Redirection service and contains names and all associated addresses.

Postcode Address File

PAF is the official Royal Mail database of all known addresses in the UK. The most comprehensive, correct and current address database in the UK, the Postcode Address File contains over 27 million addresses and is constantly updated.

Phone Match

A comprehensive and unique database of landline and mobile telephone numbers. Collated from a variety of reliable data sources, the numbers are provided with consent from the owner and will allow you to pro-actively engage with consumers.


The database is built from verified address movement with millions of records further substantiated by property sales. The file contains unique gone away data from outsourced customer verification and tracing projects.


Our forwarding address link database is derived from our holistic view of the UK population, detailing consumer address movements spanning over a decade, enabling you to trace and regain contact with customers.

Telephone Directory

Updated on a daily basis, the Telephone Directory data is sourced from the British Telecommunications plc directory information database and Tracesmart is licensed by BT to use the data to provide directory information services.

Telephone Preference Service

The official and free register on which the general public can record their preference not to receive unsolicited calls. Organisations have a legal obligation not to make unsolicited sales and marketing calls to registered people.

Thomson Business Data

Thomson Business Data from Thomson Directories is one of the most comprehensive business information databases in the UK, containing over 2 million records. Rigorously tested to ensure accuracy, the data drives our business finder search facility.

Tracesmart Register

A comprehensive consumer database that is exclusive to LexisNexis, compiled from a wealth of data protection compliant sources, the register contains contact information for the majority of UK residents, counteracting the opt-out shortfall of the edited Electoral Register within certain services.