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Birth Index

All births in England and Wales are registered with the General Register Office (GRO) and detailed in the Birth Index. Information held within the Birth Index is extremely useful for both tracing and identity verification applications. We currently hold three official GRO datasets – Birth Index, Marriage Index and Death Index. Our Birth Index database includes details of all officially registered births in the period between 1984 and 2006.

Birth search

Birth Index data has a vital role to play when attempting to trace people and while performing identity checks. Each record contained in the Birth Index has been fully verified by the GRO and is therefore highly reliable. When direct efforts to trace an individual are proving ineffective, Birth Index data may provide the necessary links. Utilising the vital records within the index can lead tracing agents to third parties who may help them with their enquiry. Making use of the Birth Index to assist in the search for siblings, children and other relatives, tracing agents may turn what seems an unworkable case into a positive trace. A fundamental part of Know Your Customer procedures, identity checks play a key role in establishing an individual’s identity; as part of this process a Birth Index search can prove invaluable. Checking the provided details against the index and substantiating a customer’s identity, aids fraud prevention and can form part of your due diligence procedures for anti-money laundering checks. Birth records for England and Wales are part of our portfolio of datasets and are accessible via both TraceIQ and IDU facilities.

Birth records

Birth records for England and Wales are part of our portfolio of datasets and are accessible via both our people tracing (TraceIQ) and identity verification (IDU) facilities. 

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