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Death Index

When a death occurs in England or Wales there is a legal requirement to register the circumstance with the General Register Office (GRO) within 5 days. Deaths are then entered on the Death Index, a UK directory of mortalities.

We currently hold GRO Death Index Records from 1976 – 2006 inclusive. This is in addition to official Birth Index and Marriage Index datasets.

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Accurate mortality information is invaluable to many companies and the Death Index database is utilised by many within our core sectors for a variety of purposes. Tracing an individual who transpires to be deceased wastes time and money, however, searching the Death Index prior to any in-depth search will avoid this.

Impersonation of the Deceased (IOD) fraud is one of the fastest growing identity theft crimes in the UK. Searching Death Index records as part of the identity check process allows our clients to flag potential fraud.

Targeting deceased persons in marketing campaigns will reflect badly on your brand, cause distress to relatives and could even initiate fraud. Screening your data for mortalities demonstrates an ethical approach to marketing.

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Our proprietary mortality screening system calls upon more recent GRO Death Index data and the Halo (also known as Mortascreen) file from Millennium. Our two-tiered system matches mortalities by subject name and date of birth, as well as by subject name and last known address. Access to our mortality screening solution is available via our TraceIQ, IDU and Smartcleanse facilities.

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