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Electoral Register

The Electoral Register (also known as the Electoral Roll) is the definitive list of persons registered to vote in the UK. The registers are compiled each year by local authorities and since 2003 there have been two versions:

  • Full Electoral Register
  • Edited Electoral Register

Prior to this it was possible for anyone to buy the full Electoral Register, however legislation was passed to allow voters the choice as to whether or not their details could be made available for purchase by commercial entities – those not wishing to have their details used in such a way, can opt out of the edited Electoral Register. It is not possible to opt out of the full version as it holds details of all electorates.

Aside from electoral purposes, the full Electoral Register can only be used for credit referencing and the prevention of financial crime. We are able to provide access to the full version via our products that are employed to prevent financial crime.

Edited electoral register

For our customers who wish to use electoral data for reasons other than financial crime prevention, our products provide access to edited Electoral Registers. Any shortfall in information is actively compensated with our proprietary dataset the Tracesmart Register.

Electoral register search

We have fully incorporated an Electoral Register search function into our portfolio of solutions. Electoral Register information plays a key role in all our core services, for example, personal information held in the Electoral Registers is essential to trace people. When engaging in activities such as asset reunification, debtor tracing and pension tracing, cross referencing details on the register, along with our other datasets, enables our clients to trace people quickly and efficiently.

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