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Land Registry

Since January 1999 the house price for any residential property sold in England & Wales has been registered with HM Land Registry. This register or dataset drives our Land Registry search and the information it contains, along with other registry data, can prove invaluable when attempting to trace people.

Land Registry search

Basic Land Registry searches can be conducted via our online tracing facility, TraceIQ. Performing a basic Land Registry search will yield the following results (if the property was sold post 1st January 1999):

  • Property type
  • Property tenure
  • Property transfer date
  • Actual price paid

If the property changed hands prior to January 1999, an average market value will still be presented. Employing a multitude of data sources – including recent HM Land Registry, actual property sale transactional data and Council Tax bandings – an average sale value is calculated.

Our basic Land Registry Search for Scotland provides property transfer date and the identity of the registered owners for the majority of property transactions from 2001.

Land Registry searches can be conducted via many of our products including TraceIQ, our online people tracing and investigation tool. Contact us today to find out more.

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