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Mortascreen is one of the leading mortality suppression files in the UK, updated monthly with over 45,000 mortalities. Records are predominantly sourced from the Probate Registry, funeral directors and insurance companies as well as third party data contributors.

Mortascreen suppression

When a file is cleansed against Mortascreen any records that are matched as deceased will be suppressed i.e. removed from the file, or alternatively, flagged. When a record is flagged it remains in the file allowing the client to take further appropriate action.

Mortascreen is used for cleansing data lists prior to mailing and for general database management. For deceased fraud prevention, its related dataset, Halo should be employed. Utilised in conjunction with the DRI and Death Index data, Halo helps us to provide the most comprehensive mortality screening solution in the UK, allowing our customers to detect and prevent fraud on a regular basis.

Mortality screening is available in our data cleansing processes as well as our online self-search applications. For further information please contact us today.

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