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Mosaic UK

The most comprehensive consumer segmentation file in the UK, Mosaic UK 2009, from Experian, provides a rich insight into the country’s population. Drawing upon over 440 separate pieces of information, amounting to over 21 billion individual items of data, the Mosaic file classifies the UK’s residents into 141 person types, 67 lifestyle types and 15 lifestyle groups.

A multitude of variables are utilised by the Mosaic file to create an in-depth overview of UK consumers in terms of their culture, socio-demographics, behaviour and lifestyle. This provides UK organisations with the power to analyse and target consumers effectively.

Consumer segmentation

Several of our solutions incorporate Mosaic UK 2009, which can be applied by various means dependant on your company’s requirements. When using our TraceIQ tracing system, the search result provides an array of information on the search subject, including a snapshot of their consumer type in the form of a Mosaic profile. This information will assist you in making a decision on how to approach the next stage of your project.

Segmenting your consumer database with Mosaic will allow you to identify trends in social groups and pinpoint potentially profitable clients. The information gathered from Mosaic segmentation will lead to incisive customer management and ultimately more productive relationships.

Mosaic UK 2009

Mosaic UK 2009 information can be accessed instantly via TraceIQ, however, should you require further information relating to the use of Mosaic within our data cleansing solutions please contact us.

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