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NCOA Update

With millions of UK households moving each year, the likelihood is that many of your customers will be in that number; and some will fail to provide a forwarding address. This however, doesn’t mean you should lose their business – the National Change of Address (NCOA) Update file will enable you to locate their new contact details and maintain your relationship.

Why use NCOA Update?

The NCOA Update file contains approximately 23 million records extending back to 1995 and is refreshed monthly with around 100,000 records. This data is taken from the Royal Mail Redirection service and contains the name of the individual, their previous address and new address, allowing you to acquire up-to-date and accurate address details for your customer – even without them notifying you.

Utilising NCOA Update when screening your consumer database will enable you to:

  • Locate forwarding addresses for gone away customers
  • Retain valuable customer relationships
  • Reduce the need for high cost acquisition campaigns
  • Demonstrate your commitment to your customers

What other forwarding address files are available?

In addition to utilising NCOA Update, our data cleansing services have access to a variety of forwarding address data. In fact we’re so aware of the value that such data can provide to your business, we have developed our own address linking database – Smartlink. Supplying millions of forwarding address links and continually updated, Smartlink is powered by our proprietary gone away logic which in turn queries our extensive wealth of data.

Smartlink can be used alongside NCOA Update to increase your chances of locating forwarding addresses for your gone away customers.

Find out where your customers have moved to – contact us today and retain their business.

N.B. The NCOA Update file can only be accessed to update existing customer databases and cannot be used to create new mailing lists.

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