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Phone Match

In a world of ever evolving communications, the telephone remains the quickest way to engage with people and receive an instant response. However, unless you hold an individual’s number (and their consent) it is a communication channel that might be closed to you.

To ensure you can communicate with consumers quickly and easily it is essential that you hold valid and live phone numbers. The Phone Match database holds millions of consented mobile and landline telephone numbers and makes them available for appending.

How do I do this?

To maintain your database of contact numbers, it is advisable to conduct a tele-appending exercise; its productiveness is heavily influenced by the original source of the screening database and the reliability of the telephone numbers within.

What is Phone Match?

Phone Match is a comprehensive database of landline and mobile telephone numbers. Collated from a variety of reliable data sources, these numbers are provided with consent from the owner and will allow you to pro-actively engage with consumers.

Why use Phone Match?

Phone Match provides access to one of the largest collections of UK telephone numbers in the market place. Containing millions of landline and mobile numbers, it can help to enhance any consumer contact database.

We collate the telephone numbers in Phone Match from a wide variety of compliant and reliable sources, which ensures a high standard of quality. As all numbers are provided with consent from the owner, Phone Match provides the means to fill the gaps left by those who are registered ex-directory.

Telephone numbers, especially mobiles are susceptible to churn, we therefore maintain Phone Match’s integrity with regular updates and cross referencing against multiple sources.

Additional confidence

Great effort is taken to ensure phone numbers are accurate and live, however, some numbers may transpire to no longer be in use. To counter this, we also offer a phone number checking tool – Phone Match Live, available via a batch processing solution and an API, this service will:

  • Verify the numbers are valid and live
  • Identify the network provider (mobile only)

We are also able to verify numbers you already hold are valid and live. Contact us today and ensure that your telephone number database is accurate and up-to-date.

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