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The overriding reason for a consumer database to decay is the migration of people. On average 20,000 of the UK’s population move home every day, this can lead to considerable deterioration of a consumer database. It is therefore advisable to proactively preserve data integrity by keeping the information, accurate and up-to-date.

How do I do this?

The only answer is to regularly cleanse your data, including screening your database against a suppression file that will highlight the movement of individuals within a given database.

What is Smartdepart?

Smartdepart is a definitive ‘gone away’ suppression file that can preserve your database, propelling your communication campaigns while fulfilling industry best practice guidelines. It will present you with an authoritative alert for customers within your database that have moved home.

Why Smartdepart?

Unmatched in the marketplace, Smartdepart is built from verified address movement with millions of records further substantiated by confirmed property sales. Smartdepart also contains verified gone away data from our innumerable outbound customer verification and tracing projects performed on behalf of leading financial institutions. This file is unique to LexisNexis, aggregated over 10 years and alone contains over 70 million records, and continues to grow.

Our multi-tiered verification process ensures market leading accuracy and reduces the risk of flagging false gone aways, a characteristic common to many other suppression files, which can typically report inaccuracies of approximately 30%. There’s no point removing data when the information can be used.

Smartdepart is updated every month, providing an up-to-date data source against which you can screen your database on a regular basis. Data is screened and verified using:

  • Electoral Register changes
  • Rolling Register changes
  • Property ownership changes
  • Gone away verifications
  • New address verifications

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