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In business as in life, an established relationship will make it easier for you to achieve a positive response. It therefore stands to reason that it is more cost effective to retain an existing customer rather than convert a completely new one – however, this can only be achieved if you have up-to-date contact details.

How do I do this?

One of the primary causes of out of date contact details is migration. However, a customer moving home shouldn’t mean the end of a beneficial relationship – even if they forget to inform you. New contact details may be located quickly and easily via a forwarding address database such as Smartlink.

What is Smartlink?

Smartlink is a proprietary forwarding address link database derived from our holistic database of the UK population, detailing consumer address movements spanning over a decade. Calling upon a wealth of data, Smartlink enables you to regain contact with customers within your database that have moved home.

Why use Smartlink?

Having evolved from a forensic tracing agency, our specialist LexisNexis team has a solid understanding of tracing processes. The Smartlink database draws upon this expansive knowledge to provide accurate forwarding address links for millions of movers. Past and present address information is collated from an abundance of data sources, which are evaluated and processed via Smartlink’s intuitive tracing scorecard to create an address movement history that you can rely on.

These fresh contact details can be appended to your customer records to help you reconnect with your customers. Contact us today and experience the benefits of Smartlink for yourself.

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