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Telephone Directory

The telephone continues to be an extremely powerful customer communication channel. However, phone numbers are constantly changing and your telephone number database will suffer high rates of data decay, in fact several thousand amendments are made to the directory each and every day.

To maintain contact with your customers it is advisable to update telephone number information on a regular basis, using the Telephone Directory.

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We employ the Telephone Directory* throughout our core services, including our TraceIQ, IDU and our data cleansing solutions.

An accurate telephone number for a trace subject can save you time and money, enabling you to contact them and verify their details quickly – prior to you taking any further action.

Our data cleansing range incorporates tele-appending services which will update any incorrect telephone numbers and append new data to records without a number(where available).

To find out how the Telephone Directory and our services can help your business, contact us today.

*Telephone Directory data is sourced from the British Telecommunications plc directory information database and Tracesmart Ltd is licensed by BT to use the data to provide directory information services. The information can be accessed instantly via our online people tracing facility TraceIQ and utilised in many of our other products. The database is updated on a daily basis, ensuring the telephone numbers we provide are current and accurate.

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