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Tracesmart Register

The Tracesmart Register is a comprehensive consumer database that is exclusive to LexisNexis. Compiled from a wealth of Data Protection compliant sources, the register currently holds contact information for the majority of UK residents. We continually update the Tracesmart Register database via our extensive consumer data acquisition program, ensuring we hold the most exhaustive consumer universe available.

Since 2003 there have been two versions of the Electoral Register – the ‘full’ and ‘edited’ Electoral Registers. The edited version is commercially available and lists the majority of UK individuals over the age of 18. It is ‘edited’ as some people chose to opt-out of the list for various reasons, such as for example, to minimise the prospect of receiving unsolicited mail. The opt-out rate for the edited register has steadied over recent years at around 40%. We are able to astutely counteract the inherent shortfall of people opting out, via the Tracesmart Register.

Access the Tracesmart Register

The Tracesmart Register, along with our other datasets, is fully integrated into all our services. It ensures that our identity check and people tracing solutions are second to none, significantly expanding our consumer coverage.

To experience the benefits of the Tracesmart Register for yourself, contact us today.

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