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Debtor Tracing

Accelerate your tracing and collections productivity

On average, 11% of the UK population will relocate annually – many will fail to inform creditors of their move, leaving outstanding debts in their wake. Prompt and successful debtor tracing are key features in the collection of such debts – however this can only be achieved if the right debtor tracing tools and expertise are employed. We offer a range of tracing services that will fulfill all your business requirements for effective and expeditious debtor tracing.

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Cleanse and optimise

Prior to debtor tracing, we recommend that you cleanse and optimise your debtor data to enhance your tracing and collections productivity. The process will verify residency and flag gone aways whilst also profiling your debtors.

Online tracing – TraceIQ®

The most powerful people location tool in the UK our self-key tracing facility, TraceIQ®, is the ideal solution for in-house debtor tracing.

  • Intuitive, user friendly search tools – easy to use and requiring minimum training
  • Instant online access – your staff will be tracing debtors instantly and cost-effectively
  • Single source tracing solution – the wide-ranging data will eliminate the need to employ other resources

Batch tracing – Smartlink Collection

If you have high volumes of debtors to trace, Smartlink Collection is the ideal solution. Utilising powerful forwarding address link databases, it will trace debtors on an automated batch basis.

  • Proprietary address link database – our Smartlink database will find address links not available through other providers
  • Trace debtors 24/7 – via our online data cleansing portal, Smartcleanse®, you are able to fully manage the batch tracing process, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Increase trace success – Advanced search logic will allow you to locate debtors even when your data is not completely accurate

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