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Fraud Mitigation

Helping you to tackle fraud at every turn

Fraudsters utilise increasingly sophisticated methods of deception, which can translate into escalated business risk. The volume of reported fraud continues to rise* and it’s not only the direct victims that suffer, money lost to fraud increases service costs, interest rates and premiums for the trustworthy. Identity theft and account takeover has bearing for both victim and business and it can take months, or even years, before the activity is discovered. The perpetrators need to be identified and interaction terminated at the earliest possible juncture.

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions marries vast data resources with powerful identity verification technology, to help verify individuals in question are who they say they are, and accordingly mitigate illegitimate transactions.

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*The CIFAS ‘Fraudscape’ report highlighted that fraud recorded by their members in 2014 increased by 25% when compared to 2013 figures.
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Fraud Prevention

Our range of data solutions will help to mitigate fraud throughout the customer lifecycle; our IDU® product is designed to prevent and detect fraud, whilst our online tracing and investigation facility can be used to investigate fraud.
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Fraud Investigation

Our accumulated wealth of personal data will provide you with the means to build a fuller and better picture for your investigations and obtain appropriate knowledge to breakdown a fraudster’s fabricated stories.
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Know Your Customer

Many businesses are today employing electronic identity checks as a means of verifying identity to satisfy know your customer obligations, and to further protect themselves from fraud and money laundering.

Who are the victims of identity fraud?

Assessing the characteristics of impersonation to identify those most at risk

Who are the victims of identity fraud?

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