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Identity Management Metaphor: Trails of light speeding down a motorway at night - Accelerate customer acquisition with instant and unobtrusive identity verification

Identity Management

Accelerate customer acquisition with instant and unobtrusive identity verification

Personal identity is a highly valuable commodity, and in today’s society is being increasingly exploited using progressively inventive scams and techniques. Criminals assume the identity of the dead as well as the living for limitless illegal activities at the expense of the individual, business and society; it therefore becomes critical in our multi-channel age to have robust ‘know your customer’ processes in place to counteract and safeguard your business.

Combining proven analytical technology and unparalleled data assets, LexisNexis® Risk Solutions is able to help protect your business by confidently identifying clients and customers via a convenient, accurate, and business friendly solution in the form of electronic identity verification.

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Identity Checks Icon

Identity Checks

Electronic identity checks are increasingly employed and adopted by businesses and organisations everywhere. IDU® is one of the most powerful electronic identity check solutions available in the UK.
Know Your Customer Icon

Know Your Customer

Many businesses are today employing electronic identity checks as a means of verifying identity to satisfy know your customer obligations, and to further protect themselves from fraud and money laundering.
Customer Due Diligence Icon

Customer Due Diligence

Customer due diligence is an essential component of the client management process; it can be conducted quickly and efficiently by implementing an electronic identity verification process, such as our robust IDU® facility.
Age Verification Icon

Age Verification

Preventing minors from purchasing age-restricted goods is the responsibility of all those trading online; IDU® delivers a remote and effortless age verification process, ideal for online retail.
Mobile Verification Icon

Mobile Verification

When a new customer provides a mobile phone number, how do you know it is valid and belongs to them? Screening mobile phone numbers can be used as part of the identity check process.
Landline Verification Icon

Landline Verification

Landline telephone numbers have a variety of associated information, beneficial when conducting ‘know your customer’ exercises. Our landline verification tool capitalises on this potential as part of an identity check process.
Document Authentication Icon

Document Authentication

To help build further confidence in an identity, IDU provides the ability to authenticate hardcopy ID documents in addition to screening against electronic databases.
Existence Checks Icon

Existence Checks

Data is increasingly under the spotlight in the Life and Pension arena; to help reduce any data integrity problems, our existence check solutions deliver a proactive approach to reconcile any issues within a database.
Tenant Screening Icon

Tenant Screening

Landlords and Letting Agents utilise IDU as a quick and reliable online screening solution to verify prospective tenants, both residential and commercial.
Right To Rent Checks Icon

Right To Rent Checks

Landlords and Letting Agents must check their tenants are living in the UK legally before the start of a new tenancy and confirm the validity of acceptable documentation.
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AML Checks

IDU provides a robust and in-depth AML search facility which will help you to comply with money laundering obligations.

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