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Not For Profit Metaphor: A mountain climber climbs snow covered peak - Take donations to new heights with accurate donor data

Not For Profit

Take donations to new heights with accurate donor data

Our commitment to providing Not For Profit professionals with services that will optimise their marketing and communication campaigns has led to the development of specific data cleansing and tracing services for the third sector.

All data erodes, there is no avoiding the fact; people move home, emigrate, they marry, divorce and die, they might even change their name for no apparent reason. Data also becomes suspect when transferred from one format or medium to another. All these factors contribute to the erosion of data and the only way to combat the problem is ‘data cleansing’.

Our Smartlink and Phonematch services have been developed specifically for Not For Profit and charitable organisations. In essence, they allow Not For Profit establishments to reconnect with their lost supporters, members or donors, enabling the continuity of communication.

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