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Future Financial Crime Risks 2017
A LexisNexis® Risk Solutions report

What will be the biggest financial crime risk in 2017?

This LexisNexis® Risk Solutions report provides the views of some of the most senior financial crime professionals in the UK banking industry. In-depth interviews and a survey of the broader profession, delivered the insights revealed in the report, which highlights the current and future financial crime risks UK banks face.

Offering opinions, consensus and thought-provoking commentary, Future Financial Crime Risks 2017 considers the most pressing concerns of the industry. These include information sharing, the cost of compliance, de-risking and geo-political changes. In addition it provides comparison with findings of the 2015 report and practical recommendations from LexisNexis® Risk Solutions. Register today to secure your copy.

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On information sharing:

“It’s the absence of information that makes our jobs hard.”

Financial Crime Director

On personal liability:

“I think there’ll be increased penalties on individuals. I think there’ll be increased regulatory censure on those individuals.”

Senior Financial Crime Professional

On de-risking:

“De-risking is perfectly legitimate. That’s exactly what we should be doing as compliance teams.”

Head of Financial Crime