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Mobile Verification

Accelerate contact rates with accurate phone numbers

When a potential new customer provides you with a mobile phone number as a point of contact how do you know it is theirs? How do you know it is active and not just a random old number? How do you even know it emanates from the same country as you? Phoning the number is the obvious answer, but to do so is to risk offending legitimate customers – even losing sales. We supply the tools that will help you answer these questions, discretely and reliably.

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Identity checks incorporating mobile screening

Our identity verification product – IDU® – provides access to our mobile verification tool. Allowing you to screen the supplied mobile phone details as part of your identity check process, the mobile verification feature conducts a live test and provides you with a variety of information.

  • Phone status – we will confirm whether the phone is live or invalid, and whether or not it is switched on. If someone provides you with an invalid number it might indicate fraud.
  • Current location – if a potential customer claims to be in the UK, but has provided a phone number located elsewhere in the world, it could be a cause for concern.
  • Network provider – the check will also tell you which network provider supports the number supplied – this information can then be used in any corroborative questioning.

The mobile verification tool is also effective beyond identity verification. We have incorporated it into our data cleansing services, used to screen numbers en masse and identify those not worth calling; it is also available via TraceIQ® to support fraud investigations. Additionally, you can utilise our landline verification tool via all of these solutions.

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