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Mortality Screening Metaphor: A man views a large iceberg formation at close range - Avoid the risk of deceased fraud through comprehensive mortality screening solutions

Mortality Screening

Avoid the risk of deceased fraud through comprehensive mortality screening solutions

Employed within a diverse range of industries, mortality screening is a key component of our data cleansing processes, crucial for both ‘know your customer’ checks and general database management. Receiving communication intended for a deceased loved one can be highly distressing for the recipient. Mortality screening your database will help avoid incorrect and inappropriate mailings, in turn protecting both the consumer and your company’s brand.

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Impersonation of the deceased (IOD) deception is on the increase and is one of the more disturbing forms of identity fraud – mortality screening will highlight this and other potential fraudulent activity, taking into consideration, the pension industry’s overpayment problem as it’s estimated that over £200 million is paid out annually to ‘dead’ pensioners.

We offer Mortality Screening via the following options –

  • IDU® Mortality Batch – ad hoc, large volume screening of records against our comprehensive data of mortalities, commonly used to combat identity theft and impersonation of the deceased fraud. The process is also an established deceased suppression procedure and will ensure data accuracy prior to engaging with your customers. Available within Smartcleanse or as a managed process.
  • IDU® Mortality Alertour continuous monitoring system offers the highest level of fraud protection. The system will conduct mortality screening on a regular basis, dependent on your specific requirements. Available as a managed solution.

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