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Reverse Phone Number Search Web Service Launches

The latest release of TraceIQ sees Tracesmart, leading provider of consumer intelligence solutions, further expand its collection of web services. Version 3.2 of its flagship tracing and investigation software brings with it the Phone Match Reverse web service. Mirroring the reverse telephone number search available in TraceIQ, the web service allows Tracesmart clients to integrate this functionality directly into their own systems.

The new solution is the latest in a series of web services that are designed to enable third party systems to integrate TraceIQ’s powerful features. The People Search web service  provides access to the company’s extensive name and address database, and the Phone Match service enables users to retrieve landline and mobile numbers from Tracesmart’s proprietary database of consented numbers; both of which are key features in TraceIQ. The introduction of Phone Match Reverse brings the TraceIQ collection of web services one step closer to being fully able to emulate the web-based software.

Calling upon the same proprietary database (one of the biggest collections of consented telephone numbers in the UK) as the Phone Match web service, Phone Match Reverse provides comprehensive coverage. When a phone number is submitted to be reverse searched, the system returns the name and address of any individuals Tracesmart has listed as owning or having owned the number. Chris Rothwell, sales Director at Tracesmart, highlights why this is so beneficial to many of Tracesmart’s customers;

“Phone numbers are often a great source of information when conducting investigations – especially fraud investigations. It is not uncommon for fraudsters to recycle telephone numbers within a fraud ring and obtaining the details of all persons who have owned a single number can create potential links between individuals which may not have been apparent at first glance; suddenly a seemingly genuine insurance claim transpires to be a ‘crash for cash’ scam.”

In addition to providing the names and addresses of those associated with the subject telephone number, the service will also append any additional numbers Tracesmart holds for them, providing further contact routes and reference points. This aggregate information helps the user to create a clear picture of the situation and identify associations and networks.

Having such functionality available within proprietary systems can significantly help businesses to improve workflow and reduce the need for multiple applications or software. Tracesmart is committed to expanding its range of web services so that clients can gain further efficiencies through their internal systems, as Tracesmart’s Technical Director, Paul Weathersby, explains;

“Our products are brimming with useful features, but we know that in some cases clients will want to cherry pick the functionality they use. By providing elements of TraceIQ as independent web services, we are able to ensure clients can tailor the product around incumbent systems, allowing them to customise the product to their needs, so that it works best for them.”

In addition to the latest web service, version 3.2 also sees the web software having received a variety of general system enhancements, including an address matching upgrade and improved search history view.

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