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Online Data Cleansing Metaphor: A rock climber preparing his safety equipment - Secure the integrity of your data via a self-serve portal of data cleansing solutions

Online Data Cleansing

Secure the integrity of your data via a self-serve portal of data cleansing solutions

There are never enough hours in a day, and the working day is rarely restricted to 9 till 5. For those reasons we have developed our services to be available as and when you need them, so whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you can ensure your consumer data is accurate and up-to-date anytime of the day with our self service, online data cleansing bureau – Smartcleanse®.

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Online data cleansing bureau

Smartcleanse® is your online gateway to our suite of data cleansing products; whether you’re a debt collection agency wanting to tele-append additional numbers, a pension fund manager looking to de-risk, or an alumni development professional trying to trace alumni, you can do so 24/7 via our Smartcleanse portal. Designed to service a variety of different needs, the online data cleansing products available via Smartcleanse enables you to:

  • Verify addresses, identify movers and flag deceased individuals – the building blocks of any data cleansing exercise, confirming residency status and flagging those who have died is a key starting point.
  • Append and verify landline and mobile numbers – we have millions of landline and mobile telephone numbers available for the UK and can even confirm they are active and live. In the case of mobile numbers we are also able to identify the network provider.
  • Locate forwarding addresses – our Smartlink batch tracing product calls upon a variety of forwarding address databases including NCOA Update and our proprietary Smartlink database, to provide you with forwarding addresses for your gone aways.

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