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In line with our CSR program we build alliances with organisations such as charities, support services and sporting institutions, to offer collaboration and assistance in the form of financial help, complimentary access to our facilities and brand association investment.

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Over recent years, we have built a rewarding relationship with the charity Missing People. With strong synergy, the association has grown into a partnership that we are very proud of. Missing People is our established charity of choice; we are committed for the long term, donating a fixed annual investment while providing the charity’s team of dedicated tracers with open access to our people tracing and data cleansing facilities.

More than 250,000 people go missing each year. For those and their families left behind and living in limbo, the charity offers a lifeline of hope. Missing People provide families of the missing with specialist advice and practical support. They also secure publicity for vulnerable missing people and handle sightings from the public 24 hours a day.

The charity campaigned tirelessly for the rights of families of missing people. As well as having to cope with the emotional upset of losing someone, families also have to deal with a huge financial strain; previously, closing someone’s financial accounts could for example, cost a family up to £25,000. Following several years of campaigning by Missing People and financial support by Tracesmart, a Presumption of Death Act has now been passed in England and Wales. The Act creates a new court procedure that can lead to the issue of a Certificate of Presumed Death, allowing families to access or terminate accounts of the missing person.

Missing People is an independent charity, funded by donations. Sadly, one in four desperate calls for help cannot currently be answered. Would you like to help and alleviate this problem? To donate, or for further information, visit

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