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Bridger Insight® XG Metaphor: A man with binoculars surveys mountain range - Expansive data, brought into sharp focus

LexisNexis® Bridger Insight® XG

Expansive data, brought into sharp focus

Simplify due diligence while accelerating account openings and transactions. Conduct due diligence, comply with global regulations and reduce fraud risks via a single platform.

Meeting global regulatory requirements can be costly, but failing to comply can be even more expensive, impacting both your brand value and your profits. Knowing your customer is critical.

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Gaps in your companies defences can lead to…

Regulatory fines

Tarnished corporate image

Decline in customer numbers

Financial losses from fraud

The inevitable consequences…

Severely impacts reputation and trust

Leading to reduced profits

Endangering the future of your organisation

So what is an effective compliance and fraud solution?

…returns consolidated risk data within a single online platform

Global Sanctions and Enforcements

Politically Exposed Persons and Associates

Adverse Media

State Owned Companies

Creating a single risk view

This combination of global screening coverage, technology and analytics can help you:

Strengthen compliance activities and protect against risk

Speed up account openings and transaction screenings

Reduce false positives and minimise manual reviews

Reach new markets and maximise global market opportunities

LexisNexis® Bridger Insight® XG combines expanded global data coverage with the ability to support an efficient workflow for account openings, transaction processing, investigations and more. Reach more global customers, protect against compliance impacts and increase revenue with Bridger Insight XG.

Knowing your customer is the key

Regulatory fines, a tarnished corporate image, customer exodus and losses from fraud are inevitable consequences of an ineffective compliance and fraud solution. A gap in your defence will erode trust, impacting your bottom line and the future of your organisation.

We’ve made it easy to know your customers

Bridger Insight XG helps organisations conduct due diligence and comply with government regulations, including those related to fraud, anti-money laundering (AML), foreign corruption and terrorist financing. Our industry-leading enhanced due diligence tools deliver the powerful combination of leading filtering software and unmatched global screening data coverage.

Access global sanctions and enforcements lists, extensive PEP coverage, profiled adverse media and SWIFT/BIC information from Accuity®. A single integration-ready platform provides flexibility through a simplified workflow for your global operations and information technology teams.

Expansive coverage delivers greater customer insight

Bridger Insight XG puts a wealth of international individual and business identity data at your fingertips. Research an individual or a business from a perspective that accounts for global sanctions and enforcements, politically exposed persons and associates, adverse media and state owned companies – all with a single transaction request. Capitalise on Bridger Insight XG’s best-in-class matching technology to intelligently reduce false positives and minimise manual reviews.


Quick set-up, system integration and low maintenance

Bridger Insight XG tools run on LexisNexis servers eliminating product installation or system maintenance. The integration toolkit allows Search API integration and Automated Batch functionality to be easily integrated into already installed systems.

User-friendly and amazingly deductive

Day-to-day use is simple and straightforward. Bridger Insight XG employs an innovative fuzzy-logic matching algorithm that will help you achieve extremely low false-positive rates, freeing up your time to focus on mission-critical revenue-generating activities. In fact, an internal test resulted in a false-positive rate of less than one percent against the OFAC watch lists.


Protect your reputation and your bottom line

Meeting global regulatory requirements can be costly, but failing to comply can be even more costly, impacting both your brand value and your bottom line. Bridger Insight XG and LexisNexis Enhanced Due Diligence tools can help you:

  • Comply with global compliance regulations like OFAC, USA PATRIOT Act or the EU’s 3rd Money Laundering Directive
  • Identify suspected fraudsters using custom hot-list capabilities, even when they try to disguise their identity by using an alias or a new address
  • Screen against robust screening data to help deter crimes such as terrorism, money laundering, illicit financial activity or other criminal acts
  • Improve compliance screening with quick access to Accuity’s Global Watch List data, including enhancements lists and 100% coverage of global sanctions lists
  • Comply with Identity Theft Red Flags Rule
  • Perform Politically Exposed Person (PEP) and foreign corruption screening, leveraging in-depth profile data including PEP lists and Enhanced Due Diligence reports

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