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LexisNexis® Collect

Accelerate collections with powerful data management tools

Wasting time and resource attempting to collect debt from an individual who isn’t at the stated address, or hasn’t the means to pay, will affect your bottom line. The Collect batch data cleansing suite of services has been designed specifically for the debt collection industry, ensuring your debtor data is accurate and up-to-date – to help accommodate a fast, focused and productive collection operation.

All the Collect range of batch data cleansing solutions can be accessed, 24/7, via our online data cleansing portal – Smartcleanse. You can even conduct a free audit of your data to understand what a full data cleanse will provide.

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Collect Standard

Delivering the essential elements of any robust data cleansing exercise, Collect Standard will confirm those living as stated, highlight any gone aways and flag deceased individuals. The service will also append telephone directory numbers and dates of birth, provide a propensity to pay score and flag insolvent individuals.

Collect Advanced

Adding to the services supplied in the Standard version, Collect Advanced will supply the full data relating to any insolvencies, County Court Judgments and mortalities which have been matched against your records.

Collect Premium

Collect Premium allows you to build a clear profile of your debtors. In addition to the Standard and Advanced services, Collect Premium provides property ownership data, director flags and socio-demographic details.

Collect PRS – Property Register Search

An individual’s home is generally the most valuable asset they will ever own, if money is owed by a debtor who does not have the means to pay, securing the debt against their property via a charging order may be the only option.

However, before you go to the expense of initiating this measure, it would be beneficial to confirm that the debtor owns the home in the first instance. Via Collect PRS, we can verify whether or not the individual owns the stated property, whether it is jointly or solely owned and also provide the title number.

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