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LexisNexis® Email Match

Accelerate contact rates with accurate email addresses

Email is fast becoming the communication channel of choice for many organisations, providing a quick, efficient and cost-effective means to transmit and circulate your message and brand to your consumers and clients. Email Match utilises our continually expanding database of consented UK consumer emails, containing tens of millions of records. Collated from a variety of reliable data sources, the addresses are applied to our email-appending solution, attaching the information to your existing database, allowing you to pro-actively engage digitally with your consumers.

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Email Match Standard

Email Match Standard will cleanse and amend where appropriate, your postal addresses within your database, then append emails to a given name and postal address when available.

Email Match Advanced

Email Match Advanced replicates the Standard service, appending emails to a given name and postal address, adding live verification of the email, confirming that the mail box is active.

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