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IDU CCJ Metaphor: Trails of light speeding down a motorway at night - Accelerate decision making with integrated CCJ look-ups

LexisNexis® IDU® CCJ

Accelerate decision making with integrated CCJ look-ups

County Court Judgment (CCJ) data delivers valuable insight into an individual’s financial circumstances providing significant value in a variety of business applications including:

Accessing CCJ data via the traditional Credit Reference Agency method might require the permission of the individual due to a credit footprint being logged, it might also prove to be a costly procedure. Via IDU® CCJ, the ‘credit footprint’ obstacle is removed – delivering a cost effective option.

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CCJ Web Service

IDU® CCJ allows you to search the data directly through your own in-house systems. Supplied via our secure web service, you can integrate IDU CCJ into your proprietary software and query the Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines containing the records. This service is provided on a standalone basis, without any other credit file information, and therefore does not leave a credit footprint. A REST based web service, you can access IDU CCJ via HTTPS, using OAuth for authorisation, providing:

  • Sub-second responses
  • A variety of data searching functions
  • Direct access to CCJ data

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