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IDU Existence Metaphor: A man views a large iceberg formation at close range - Avoid reputational and regulatory risk by ensuring your pension scheme data is accurate and up-to-date

LexisNexis® IDU® Existence

Avoid reputational and regulatory risk by ensuring your pension scheme data is accurate and up-to-date

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IDU® Existence Batch

Batch Existence Checks

A solution for automating certificate of existence checks, existence batch will screen your entire member database, segmenting your records into ‘living as stated’, ‘deceased’ and ‘gone aways’. Ideal for general data cleansing and TPR record keeping benchmarking exercises, the process is used on an ad-hoc basis for large volumes of scheme members and replaces the labour-intensive letter of existence exercise previously used. This screening process is also employed before enrolling on Existence Alert. All records screened by Existence Batch, will be returned with one of the following statuses:

  • Living as stated – the member is identified as residing at the provided address and missing information has been populated where possible.
  • Unverified – the member’s residency could not be verified and no mortality match was found.
  • Gone away – the member is not at the given address and should be traced.
  • Deceased – the member is matched to a mortality record within our database

IDU® Existence Alert

On-going Existence Alerts

Providing continuous monitoring of your scheme, Existence Alert will highlight any changes in your members’ details at the earliest possible opportunity. Existence Alert is the most beneficial and proactive approach to eliminate overpayments and mitigate account fraud takeover.

Automatic existence checks

Existence Alert employs the latest mortality* and gone away databases to ensure you are constantly aware of changes in your members’ circumstances. The frequency of our data updates means we can provide weekly, monthly or quarterly notifications of changes that require investigation, and as an automated process, it requires minimum resource from the client’s perspective while providing maximum protection. Alternatively, we can screen your entire member database on an ad-hoc, one-off basis using Existence Batch. If you’d prefer to conduct individual checks, our advanced web-based TraceIQ search facility allows you to instantly identify whether the member is a gone away or is deceased.

*Death Registration Information (DRI)

We are one of a small number of companies licensed to receive DRI data from the Identity and Passport Service. The feed gives notice of all deaths registered within the UK on a weekly basis, permitting data screening against the most up-to-date mortality information available. Supplemented with our existing mortality datasets that includes historic death data spanning back to 1976, our processes deliver authoritative screening to combat fraud.

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