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LexisNexis® Phone Match

Accelerate contact rates with accurate phone numbers

The telephone is one of the most direct means of communication and we fully appreciate the value telephone numbers present to our customers. The Phone Match tele-appending product range will not only provide you with accurate and up-to-date telephone numbers for your customers, but will also allow you to screen mobile and landline numbers to ensure they are active and live – minimising time wasted calling out-of-service numbers.

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Phone Match Standard

The essential tele-appending service, Phone Match Standard will append numbers from the UK Telephone Directory.

Phone Match Advanced

Providing access to our proprietary database of telephone numbers, Phone Match Advanced will append consented mobile and landline numbers sourced from our Phone Match database.

Phone Match Premium

Phone Match Premium appends numbers from the Phone Match database but also conducts a ‘live’ check on any appended numbers, ensuring we only return those that are active.

Phone Match Platinum

Phone Match Platinum will screen supplied numbers to confirm they are valid and live. It may also append additional live phone numbers, providing an alternative number for those that are out of service. An option is available for the process to validate or add numbers.

Phone Match Live

Phone Match Live simply conducts a ‘live’ check on supplied numbers, confirming those that are active and live while flagging inactive numbers.

Phone Match Reverse

Calling upon our Phone Match database of consented landline and mobile numbers, this service will reverse search the numbers you supply and return any associated contact details for the individuals. Available as a batch solution and via web service.

Phone Match NFP – Not For Profit

Designed for the Not For Profit sector, this solution will append any new available contact numbers to a given database to help drive productive communication and fundraising campaigns.

Phone Match Alumni

Developed to meet the specific needs of development professionals within schools and universities, appending available contact numbers to help them reconnect with their lost alumni.

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