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Secure the integrity of your data via a self-serve portal of data cleansing solutions

Ensuring you hold accurate and up-to-date data, while also appending additional insightful information, the Smartcleanse online bureau of data cleansing products will enhance the value of your database. Driven by our proprietary logic and calling on a wealth of data, it helps customers in an array of industries obtain the business intelligence they need.

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Smartcleanse is an online bureau which provides a gateway to our self-serve, data cleansing solutions. The suite incorporates a wide and varied collection of data cleansing tools with a diverse range of applications. The key uses are highlighted below:

Marital Status Prediction

Pension scheme members’ spouses are often eligible to a pension in the event of the scheme member’s death. Therefore, being able to ascertain the likelihood of a scheme member being married allows for more accurate valuations of the scheme by actuaries, in turn making the de-risking process better informed. Risk MSP is a unique solution in the marketplace, giving pensions professionals the ability to assess a  pension scheme’s liabilities with a greater level of precision, through accurate marital status prediction.

Debtor Profiling

In the highly competitive debt collection industry, every additional debt that can be collected counts. Enabling you to gain a competitive edge, debtor profiling will help you segment your data into manageable elements. Our Collect range of data cleansing solutions allow you to profile debtors quickly, separating the can’t pays from the won’t pays and identifying the likely to pays.

Alumni Tracing

An educational establishment’s alumni are a key part of its heritage and community, however, changes in personal circumstances can result in lost contact making alumni tracing a key part of development programs. Our batch tracing facility, Smartlink Alumni provides forwarding addresses to assist development professionals to locate lost alumni in order to rekindle valuable relationships.

Existence Checks

Identity fraud continues to afflict pension funds, with individuals falsely claiming another’s pension. However, this needn’t be the case as we offer a powerful solution to help prevent the fraud from ever occurring. Existence checks via our IDU Existence services enables pension funds to identify deceased individuals and gone away scheme members at the earliest opportunity, helping them mitigate fraud.


The products accessible via our Smartcleanse data cleansing bureau have a wealth of powerful features, utilised by an ever widening range of industries for a variety of purposes. We pride ourselves on fusing both the essential elements of data cleansing with bespoke proprietary techniques to create services unique in the market.

Address Verification

Ensuring you have correct address details is essential if you are to communicate with your customers by mail, and/or ensure deliveries reach them correctly. As standard, all of our data cleansing and batch tracing services will ensure addresses are accurate and formatted correctly in line with the Postcode Address File (the Royal Mail database of all known addresses in the UK).

Residency Verification

Attempting to contact an individual at a previous address when they’ve moved home is obviously a waste of time, money and resource. If the individual has moved, the chances are against you if you want to continue communicating with your customer. The services accessible via Smartcleanse will screen your customer data against a variety of datasets to establish the likelihood of an individual continuing to reside at the stated address. If it becomes apparent they no longer live there, you may want to consider a tracing process, enabling you to reconnect with your valuable customers.


Even in the age of the internet and e-mail, the telephone continues to be the quickest means to engage with an individual. In today’s society with many people owning multiple telephones, the more numbers you hold in your database the better your chance of making contact. Our Phone Match services assign millions of landline and mobile telephone numbers that we hold for potential tele-appending; we are also able to verify that mobile and landline numbers are live.

Phone Number Verification

Even in the age of digital communications, the telephone continues to be a primary means of contacting a customer. Due to demand, consumers often change their phone numbers which may in turn be recycled – moving them in and out of service. Our phone number verification service, Phone Match, will help ensure that the numbers you hold are active and live, and in the case of mobile numbers highlight the network provider.

Batch Tracing

When you need to trace large volumes of people, our range of Smartlink batch tracing tools is the ideal solution. Smartlink enables you to locate a multitude of gone aways quickly and with minimum effort. Calling upon our extensive experience and knowledge of people tracing and data interrogation technology, Smartlink services will return results with a flag indicating our level of confidence of the individual residing at the newly provided address.

Mortality Screening

Attempting to contact an individual that may possibly be dead is not only poor practice but will waste time and resource, conceivably causing distress to the deceased person’s family; it could even provide fraudsters with an opportunity to aqcuire personal details and exploit the information for criminal gain. We hold the UK’s largest mortality database that can be used via various services to quickly and unobtrusively confirm whether an individual has died; preventing unacceptable communication and helping you to protect yourself and others from impersonation of the deceased fraud.


Understanding a Pension Scheme’s full exposure to risk is vital for any trustee or scheme sponsor. Contrary to the earliest industry forecasts, people are now drawing on their pensions for longer, impacting inevitably on pension scheme reserves and corporate profitability. Not knowing the true constituents of a pension scheme or life plan’s database could distort the associated risk. The solution is a data de-risking exercise. The established approach to valuing pension liabilities is to appraise member age and gender in addition to the size of the pension. Today, with additional data available at our fingertips, we are able to exploit this information via our Risk MSP solution, which will help strengthen actuarial projections and potentially remove adverse insurer margins.

Available products within the Smartcleanse Portal

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Batch tracing
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Batch data cleansing for collections
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Risk MSP

Marital Status Prediction
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Phone Match

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Email Match

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IDU® Existence

Batch and on-going existence checks
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IDU® Mortality

Batch and on-going mortality checks

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