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Smartlink Metaphor: Letting agent holding keys to property - Batch tracing solutions to link gone aways to a new address

LexisNexis® Smartlink

Batch tracing solutions to link gone aways to a new address

Should you have a large volume of people to trace, Smartlink, our batch tracing process is the complete solution. Utilising the UK’s premium consumer databases, our system will trace the vast majority of your gone aways to a potential forwarding address (assuming all personal identifiers are available). The service provides a quick means to re-establish contact with any volume of people, including lost or deferred members of a pension scheme. Our Smartlink services are available via a managed solution or within our self-serve automated Smartcleanse Portal.

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A system generated batch tracing solution to locate your lost customers or associated members. The facility is powered by our proprietary data universe, aggregated from an authoritative and diverse range of consumer data. The service will identify which records are contactable at the addresses provided, flag deceased individuals and provide forwarding addresses for home movers.

Smartlink NFP – Not For Profit

Many factors contribute to the erosion of data; people move home, emigrate, they marry, divorce and die. Data also becomes suspect when transferred from one format or medium to another. The only way to overcome the problem is to cleanse your data.

We’ve developed Smartlink NFP, a data cleansing solution created specifically for the third sector. The service allows Not For Profit organisations to optimise their data, enabling them to reconnect and re-establish communication with lost contributors and supporters.

Smartlink NFP is a high volume tracing service, establishing which members are contactable, providing links to new addresses where applicable while profiling each record to improve donor targeting. The service is only available as a managed solution.

Smartlink Alumni – Trace Lost Alumni

All data erodes, there is no avoiding the fact; people move home, emigrate, they marry, divorce and die, they might even change their name for no apparent reason. Data also becomes suspect when transferred from one format or medium to another. All these factors contribute to the erosion of data and the only way to combat the problem is ‘data cleansing’.

Smartlink Alumni is powerful data cleansing service created specifically for development professionals within schools, colleges and universities. The service allows educational establishments to reconnect with their lost alumni by cleansing existing data, enabling the continuity of communication between institutions and past students. The process will identify which members are contactable at the address details you hold, flag deceased individuals and provide forwarding addresses for home movers.

We also provide an additional service for the sector – Phone Match Alumni, we can both append new contact numbers and verify that those you hold are valid and live. We hold millions of consented landline and mobile telephone numbers to utilise within the process.

Smartlink Collection – Trace Debtors

We understand that debt collection is a numbers game – the more debt you can collect and quickly, the healthier your margins. Therefore, when a debtor transpires to be ‘gone away‘, the need to trace them as efficiently as possible becomes crucial. Suitably, we are able to provide the debt collection industry with a unique batch forwarding address system which helps to trace high volumes of debtors in the quickest possible time.

Trace debtors en masse

Developed specifically for the collections market, Smartlink Collection is a powerful batch tracing solution which can locate large quantities of forwarding addresses for debtors who have moved or absconded. Smartlink Collection stands out from the competition due to our proprietary Smartlink database. Uniquely, the file scrutinises a wealth of data to locate new forwarding addresses for gone away debtors, providing links that are not available via other suppliers. The Smartlink Collection service will enable you to:

  • Quickly locate high volumes of forwarding addresses – an automated service, Smartlink Collection will rapidly provide forwarding addresses by volume.
  • Reduce cost – the sooner you collect from a debtor, the lower the unit cost per collection.
  • Reduce your trace project spend – if you are using a selection of providers, Smartlink Collection will sit well in the first tier of a waterfall process – picking up the vast majority of addresses at a lower cost.

To highlight how Smartlink Collection will help you to trace debtors quickly and effectively, we will provide you with a free, no-obligation data audit. To claim yours, contact us today.

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