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LexisNexis® TraceIQ®

Accelerate intelligence gathering with our online tracing and investigation tool

Combining a wealth of insightful data with the latest web-based technologies and intuitive functionality, TraceIQ is our market leading tracing and investigation web application. Utilised across diverse industry sectors, it supports an array of business-critical processes and enables its users to build a full picture of the individuals they are dealing with.

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A powerful web-based tracing and investigation facility, TraceIQ calls upon a wealth of data to help you trace people and conduct efficient, systematic investigations. It is widely utilised across an array of industries for a variety of activities outlined below.

Trace Debtors

Tracing debtors is a key function of the debt collection process – the quicker this can be achieved, the higher the returns. TraceIQ provides a rapid, efficient and compliant means to trace debtors. Accessible online, the system offers an easy-to-use search interface, calling upon a wealth of consumer data. Providing access to address links derived from our proprietary database, Smartlink, and credit activity information, TraceIQ will yield high success rates when debtor tracing.

Background Checks

Background checks will provide you with crucial information that will protect both you and your organisation. Whether you are procuring a service or product from a third party, hiring an employee or on-boarding a new client, knowing who you are dealing with can help you avoid any unpleasant surprises. TraceIQ allows you to build a clear profile of the individuals you are dealing with. From the directors of a possible supplier, to new staff members, conducting thorough background checks will prevent you working with unreliable or unsuitable individuals.

Investigating Fraud

Uncovering the truth when investigating fraud is a great deal easier when you have a reliable source of information to hand. Combining a myriad of consumer and business datasets, TraceIQ allows you to verify information, create links between seemingly unconnected people and debunk fraudulent claims. The system has a proven track record in fraud prevention and is being utilised by blue chip companies and SME’s alike, from telecommunications to insurance, from law firms to debt collectors.

Tracing Telephone Numbers

Whether you’re attempting to trace debtors with the aim of making contact quickly, or conducting a fraud investigation and need to verify a mobile number relating to the subject of your enquiry. Calling upon millions of landline and mobile numbers taken from both the telephone directory and Phone Match, our proprietary database containing consented telephone numbers, TraceIQ will enable you to trace telephone numbers whilst also verifying they are active and live.


A powerful web-based tracing and investigation facility, TraceIQ utilises advanced technologies enabling us to deliver a range of intuitive features and functions. We have highlighted a few of these below, however, we would encourage you to contact us so that you can experience them yourself via a free trial.

Property Register Search

Confirmation that an individual is the owner of a property can be beneficial for a variety of business reasons. The information is now attainable via a more user friendly means when compared to the archaic office copy method. TraceIQ’s Property Register Search (PRS) provides a property ownership search that links directly into the Land Registry database. A search using the PRS tool will highlight whether there is a full or partial match against the name, the ownership status (Joint Proprietor, Sole Proprietor) and will also provide the title number – at a fraction of the cost of an office copy.

Forwarding Address Links

We provide access to some of the most comprehensive datasets in the UK for forwarding address links. Calling upon Smartlink, our proprietary address link dataset, in addition to address links derived from credit reference information, TraceIQ has one of the broadest coverages of the nation’s consumer movement that will help you locate people quickly and easily.

Telephone Number Validation

If a telephone number you hold is out of service, incorrect or doesn’t relate to the individual in question, it could result in you wasting time attempting to contact the subject of your enquiry. This can easily be avoided through TraceIQ. Conducting a realtime check, the telephone number validation feature in TraceIQ can verify both mobile and landline numbers are active and live, the name of the service provider, geographic location and, in the case of mobiles, whether or not it is turned on, ensuring you only attempt to contact persons through active numbers.

Insolvency Search

Knowing a customer or potential customer is in financial difficulty could effect the way you manage or whether you continue your relationship with the individual; our solution within TraceIQ makes it easy to establish if someone is subject to bankruptcy, insolvency or has County Court Judgments against their name. Through TraceIQ you can conduct an insolvency search which will return details of any bankruptcies, individual voluntary arrangements, County Court Judgments, Debt Relief Orders or Scottish Sequestrations.

Email Address Search

The digital arena is now resolutely interlinked with the real world which has made email addresses – a key part of anyones digital identity – an important commodity in tracing and investigation. An individual’s email address can often be used to closely link an abundance of online information. We are committed to making available as many email addresses as possible via TraceIQ’s email address search to facilitate the increasing need.

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