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Accelerate contact rates with accurate phone numbers

Even in the digital age, the telephone is still the quickest and most convenient way to contact individuals and receive a response; however, this is only possible if you hold accurate and up-to-date telephone numbers.

Whether you are trying to contact an individual to reunite them with long forgotten assets, or attempting to collect outstanding monies from a customer, we can help you expedite the process by providing access to a multitude of telephone numbers.

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Phone Match


Via our Phone Match range of data cleansing and enrichment solutions, you’ll be able to tele-append numbers from the UK Telephone Directory* and also our proprietary Phone Match database, which contains millions of mobile and landline numbers.

In addition to tele-appending from one of the largest pools of numbers in the UK, Phone Match will extend you the benefit of:

  • Landline and mobile verification – we are able to confirm whether a number is active and live, and in the case of mobile numbers we’ll provide the name of the network provider.
  • 24/7 tele-appending – Phone Match is available via our online data cleansing bureau, Smartcleanse®. You can append telephone numbers as and when you need to, anytime of the day, any day of the year.
  • Free pre-purchase audit – before you commit to a full tele-appending exercise, you can audit your database against our Phone Match database for free – providing a clear understanding of the results you’ll receive before you pay a penny.

To find out how Phone Match tele-appending can help you, contact us for your free audit.

* Telephone directory data is sourced from the British Telecommunications plc directory information database and Tracesmart Ltd is licensed by BT to use the data to provide directory information services.

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