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Tenant Screening Metaphor: Letting agent holding keys to property - Protect your property investment

Tenant Screening

Protect your property investment by knowing your tenants

Screening potential tenants before letting your property will help minimise risk, protecting yourself from losing future rental income. IDU®, our identity verification and document checks facility, will:

  • Confirm prospective tenants’ identities
  • Prevent tenant fraud
  • Highlight inherent financial risk
  • Screen ID documents including Travel Visas and Identity Cards

IDU is an online solution that enables Landlords and Letting Agents to quickly and reliably verify prospective tenants, both residential and commercial. Calling upon an array of consumer data such as insolvency, CCJ and mortality records, IDU can protect your property investment or property under your charge, by verifying tenant identity, confirming that your tenants have the right to reside in the UK and helping you to understand their financial position.

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