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Trace People

Accelerate intelligence gathering with our online tracing and investigation tool

The requirement for businesses from a diverse collection of industries to trace people is ever increasing. Historically, attempting to trace a person would be time consuming and costly; today, it’s possible to trace an individual in an instant and at very little cost. Our team pioneered the process in the UK and we continue to do so, delivering a cost-effective and intuitive online tracing facility to thousands of businesses, ranging from SMEs to FTSE 100 listed companies.

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Regardless of which industry you operate in, the likelihood is, the need will arise to trace somebody at some point. Situations emerge when you might need to trace people – even a simple case of having lost contact with a good customer. Whatever the reason, we can provide the optimum people tracing facility for you.

How to trace people

We offer bespoke solutions, enabling you or your company to trace people in a manner conducive to your needs. Should you wish to trace people internally, TraceIQ® is the ideal solution. Allowing you to actively trace people from wherever you can access the internet, our online tracing system is the most up-to-date and business-friendly facility. Structured around extensive tracing knowledge, developed using the latest technology, and driven by our extensive portfolio of datasets, our people search system allows you to trace people quickly and efficiently.

Alternatively, if you need to locate a large volume of gone aways, all business sectors can access our electronic batch tracing service, Smartlink, which will automatically trace people and provide potential forwarding address links. For non-debt collection purposes, you can call upon our team of dedicated tracing specialists who provide our Forensic Trace service, tracing people to a verified address no matter where in the world.

To discuss your specific tracing needs and discover which of our services best suits you, please contact us.

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