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Tracing and Investigation Metaphor: A car speeding through city at night - Accelerate intelligence gathering to preserve customer communication

Tracing and Investigation

Accelerate intelligence gathering to preserve customer communication

The requirement for businesses from a diverse collection of industries to trace people is ever increasing. LexisNexis® Risk Solutions offers a powerful combination of extensive tracing knowledge, cutting edge technology and vast accumulated data, enabling us to confidently link individuals to people, places and businesses.

Our range of services allows you to obtain the information you’re searching for, quickly and efficiently – from individual investigative research to online tracing capabilities or extensive batch tracing projects, enabling you to locate lost customers, conduct debtor tracing, reunite assets with their rightful owner and update large gone away files, especially relevant for today’s data compliant environment.

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Trace People

Many situations arise when you might need to trace people – even a simple case of having lost contact with a good customer. Whatever the reason, we can provide the optimum facility to suit your requirements.
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Online Tracing

At the cutting edge of the online tracing sector our trace and investigation facility, TraceIQ® is utilised by a wealth of businesses and organisations throughout an ever-widening range of UK industries.
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Batch Tracing

Should you have a large volume of people to trace, our batch tracing facility, Smartlink will trace the vast majority of your gone aways to a forwarding address. It is available within our Smartcleanse bureau or as a managed solution.
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Debtor Tracing

Prompt and successful debtor tracing are key features in the collection of outstanding debts – we offer a range of tracing services that will fulfill all your business requirements for effective and expeditious debtor tracing.
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Specialist Tracing

Certain people prove to be more difficult to trace than others and require in-depth manual research or ‘forensic tracing’. Our in-house team of tracers will locate your lost customers anywhere in the world.
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Gone Aways

In many cases when people move home they fail to notify that they have done so, becoming a ‘gone away’, ultimately leading to a breakdown in communication and potentially becoming a lost client or customer.
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Mobile Verification

If a mobile number you hold for an individual is invalid or out of service, it could be a cause for suspicion. TraceIQ enables you to quickly confirm whether a number is valid and in service.
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Landline Verification

A live and active landline will not only provide you with a point of communication, but can boost your confidence in an individual’s claims. You can both verify landline numbers and tie them back to an address with TraceIQ.
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Fraud Investigation

Conducting effective fraud investigations requires not only the right information, but the ability to access it quickly and view in context. TraceIQ enables you to create the clear picture you need to investigate efficiently.

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